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Sponsored: Sonesta’s Signature Inn Brings New Life to Overlooked Assets

colorful retro front exterior of the Signature Inn Berkeley two-story hotel by Sonesta International Hotels

Sonesta’s Signature Inn offers a solution for exterior corridor hotels – hear how from current owners.

Almost as important to guests as the bed and Wi-Fi, a memorable “Instagrammable” moment or experience is a unique selling proposition for a hotel that is repositioning itself to a new audience. Finding that perfect backdrop, sense of style or vintage prop is a tried and true way to capture the hearts, minds and attention of today’s experiential traveler. The moment your property becomes Instagrammable in the eye of the traveler, a whole new world of opportunity makes itself available.

Sonesta International Hotels’ Signature Inn targets that potential by giving owners the opportunity to distinguish their property from the “sea of sameness” that proliferates the hotel space. This conversion lifestyle economy brand transports guests back to the so-called Golden Age of Travel while delivering all the modern amenities guests have come to expect.

Bottom-line differentiation

Having unique needs met is equally important on the investment side. For example, hotel owners selecting the Signature Inn brand value the opportunity to remove rate constraints as they aspire to deliver an authentic experience for their guests.

“The franchise fee structure is really what first attracted me. Not many brands offer this kind of consideration; instead, they even look to take a cut on OTA bookings. Sonesta offers a better profit-sharing model for Signature Inn,” said Chirag Patel, partner, Chirag Hospitality Inc. and owner of the Signature Inn San Francisco Marina, California. “I also love the ability to convert a motel that was built in the ‘50’s or ‘60’s and bring back its retro vibe in a creative way with paint colors, some simple design pieces and even keeping a lot of my FF&E that met the brand standards. Suddenly we’re making what was old new again.”

Cost-effective, flexible conversion model

What makes Signature Inn stand out among its competitors? The brand invites both guests and owners to stay Outside Ordinary with retro touches, modern flair and a style all its own. Owners are able to customize their property based on the market to create an authentic location-driven experience at the right price point.

All properties deliver consistent branded elements or “Signature Touchpoints” so that guests know what to expect when they check in at any Signature Inn. In addition, owners have the opportunity to capitalize by taking advantage of a cost-effective and practical PIP, rate elasticity and a flat-fee per room franchise fee model. Add to that the power, momentum and backing of the Sonesta brand and loyalty program and our franchisees are poised to reap the benefits.

New look, new markets

“Signature Inn has brand standards that are pretty flexible and let me bring new life to an older motel. Its high-impact color palette and simple design changes make the lobby feel retro chic – while keeping what made the property unique,” said Paresh Patel, owner and president, St. Francis Group Inc., whose portfolio includes the Signature Inn Santa Clara, California. “The inexpensive addition of the vintage media console complete with vinyl records in the lobby has created a space where guests want to meet up. We’re appealing to a whole new market now.”

Prime conversion opportunities include single- or two-story properties that are 30 to 70 rooms and located in coastal and urban destinations in primary and secondary markets. Signature Inns is expanding beyond its current West Coast properties in Eugene, Oregon and Temecula, San Francisco and Santa Clara, California to additional urban destinations such as Houston. Several more are under agreement and slated to open in 2024 across the country.

“The fresh look and feel of the brand are appealing to our guests,” shared longtime Signature Inn Temecula owner Hamsa Lad, Lad Living Trust partner. She continued, “We find that our customers really like the mid-century modern design elements that are part of the brand.”

“I think guests are always looking at location first but having an eye-catching exterior with a clean style and without heavy-handed branding throughout the public spaces, really helps guests embrace the retro vibe while they are with us. Locals are even looking to us for a staycation,” continued Chirag Patel.

By incorporating high-impact, low-cost exterior updates and modernizing guest room furniture and amenities, properties are positioned to leverage rate elasticity, increase revenues and garner customer attention with playful guest experiences. Reaching guests using your eye-catching images on Instagram is also an affordable and engaging way to create awareness and build a unique sense of community with your guests. We’re excited to share that the 10th Signature Inn will open at the end of Q1!

SOURCE: Hotel Investment Today